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Switching gears ...

I hate when I'm working on a project, and while I love the idea and how it looks in my head, I just can't get it down on paper. It's frustrating, but also a good sign it might be time to walk away ... for a little break. I love the idea of Gypsy Witch, a girl with an unknown past having visions that lead her to a killer but also to the truth about her past, but something's not clicking.

I'm switching gears and taking a step back from Gypsy Witch and turning my attention to a new project, stemming from a short story I had published last year, Hide and Seek, a suspenseful psychological thriller set in my home town outside of Charlottesville, Virginia.

here's a sneak peak.

I remember everything from that day.

The summer sun was hot against our sticky skin. It filtered down through the canopy of White Oaks and the Pines that seemed reached through the clear sky. It would shoot through the leaves like spindly periscopes, searching for us.

The air was still and lifeless. It sat heavy against your body, sucking energy from us without warning. We would rest when we thought we were safe, tucked behind a robust trunk or underneath a flowering shrub that was almost always tangled with poison ivy. We rested, hoping we were hidden well enough. But then the screams came, and we were running again.

I remember the feeling of the ground beating beneath my feet — the sound of my heart racing alongside it. Everything moved in slow motion. I can hear my breath, moving in and out, as I run. The crunch of the ground under my feet as I flew over top of it. The sensation of twigs breaking against my bare skin as I fled. The sound of his footsteps behind me. The sound of the shrieks.

I remember everything from that day.

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