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Thinking back now, I can remember the first time I felt like a writer, even if I didn’t know what to call it at the time.  On the drive home from a family vacation when I was young, less than ten or twelve maybe, I remember looking out the window as we sped down the empty highway. Following us, was the moon and I remember thinking to myself how amazingly melancholy it looked all alone in the night’s sky.  There were words and feelings bubbling up inside me as I looked up at the moon, desperate to escape.

Something sparked inside me that night and even though I was still too young and unaware of what it meant to have the soul of a writer, a fire caught that night and has been burning fiercely ever since.  I continue to look to the moon for inspiration, remembering what it felt like the first night I knew I wanted to be a writer.    

Since then I have been chasing my dream of becoming a published author. That dream was realized in the past year as many of my short stories and poetry was published both online and in print magazines throughout the country. The publishing of my debut novel, The Spaewife’s Secret, has only added fuel to my fire and aspirations to be the better, more read author.

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