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Ready. Set. Write.

In a writing slump? Not sure what to write about? Not ready to commit to a big project at the moment? You need some writing inspiration to get the creative juices flowing!!!

Below is some writing inspiration as we head into the week.

As a child, you are visiting a family member. While visiting this family member, you get bored (as most children do) and start snooping around the house when you find an old suitcase tucked into the corner of a closet. When you go to retrieve it from the closet, said family member yells at you to never touch that suitcase again. Fast forward twenty years, and you’re now an adult. The same family member has suddenly passed away, and the same suite case has been willed to you with a note. What does it say? What’s in the suitcase? What crazy story ensues?

I’d love to see what you come up with.

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