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Writing style

Where did you get the idea for alternating the chapters between the present-day main character and his past, younger self? Jessica M. Simpkiss Great question! I read a series by author Peter May in which he does the same thing, each chapter alternates between a younger and present day version of the same character and I loved how it flowed. It felt like there was much more depth in the novel than I was used to, and so when I sat down to write Spaewife, it felt like the only natural way to write the story. I didn't want Lachlan to be "remembering" what happened to him as a child, I wanted him to be living it, but him as a boy wasn't enough; there needed to be more.

I researched and studied other authors who write in a similar manner to make sure what I was doing or planning would work, and I guess it did! I couldn't imagine writing Spaewife in any other manner. And now it's kind of become my thing. I've written a second book which is still forthcoming, that alternates between three different characters across a 40-year time span and in the current piece I'm working on, I'm back to alternating between one character at different stages in her life.

Thanks for a great question.

Keep them coming !!!

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