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Getting to know you ...

I’ve gained some new social-media

followers recently (thank you!) and wanted to take a minute to reintroduce myself. Hi! I’m Jessica and I published my first novel, The Spaewife’s Secret, in 2018, which was the realization of a lifelong goal and dream!!! Since then, I have published two more books, a collection of short stories entitled Midnight’s Haberdashery and a second novel like two weeks ago entitled Bone in the Blood. I’ve also published multiple short stories and poetry over the years online and in print through literary magazines and journals. I’ve utilized both the traditional publishing platform and gone the self-publishing route. My writing goal for 2021 is to finish my current WIP and to land a literary agent What are your writing goals for 2021???

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17 oct. 2021

Hello niice blog

Jessica M. Simpkiss
Jessica M. Simpkiss
25 oct. 2021
En réponse à

Thank you!

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