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Bone in the blood … the newly published short story that prompted the beginning of my second novel

It's funny, how everything starts in nothing ... an idea becomes an outline, and then a two page story and then explodes into a 300 page novel ... from something as small as an idea that couldn't be ignored.


No one believed me when I was little and told them that they had buried the babies together in a room in the cellar. They’d say, Edith, you’re young and dumb, and you don’t know what you’re talking about. I remember the sound of the nun’s footsteps clicking down the hall late at night, when the rest of us children, still alive, laid awake in our beds and cribs wondering if we would make it another day. There were so many of us it was hard to tell when one died, but we knew that another one was gone when we heard the footsteps at night. But what did I know? I was young and dumb.

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