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Bone in the Blood ...

After 4 grueling months, the first draft and round of edits for my historical fiction novel are complete. This, in and of itself, feels like such an accomplishment.

The title and basis of the story come from events that have both inspired and saddened me. In the latter part of 2019, the Irish government with exhume what is believed to be the remains of nearly 800 children who perished while left in the care of the Catholic Order that ran a home for unwed mothers in Tuam, Ireland up until the 1960s.

Who are they? How did they get there? How were they found? Who is left to grieve for them? I explore the answers to these questions and more in my novel, Bone in the Blood. While the work is completely fictional, I am left wondering how many woman and their children experienced situations similar to the ones I have woven into the story. Unfortunately, I fear the answer to that question.

Please check back for previews of the novel in the near future ...

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