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And the winner is ...

Not me, sadly, but that's ok.

The Spaewife's Secret was in the running for the Ultimate Popsugar Reading Challenge book for May, books about a family. While Spaewife is about several families, sadly it was not selected for the May reading book. But that's ok. I was up against two much more well known titles and much more well known authors, but still, I was selected as the top three and received almost 200 hundred votes. I count that as a success for an unknown title and it's unknown author.

If there's one thing I've learned from rejection (actually repeated rejection) is that I'm more ok with myself now, than I was before I started writing.

The first rejection is hard, maybe even the second or third or hundredth still stings. But with every rejection I've received, I've grown stronger, more confident in my own abilities, in my own voice and in my writing.

Don't look at rejection as the end, look at it as the beginning of a new, stronger you.

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